Nikkiso N series NFH

Nikkiso N series NFH

  • Feature : Solenoid driven metering pump, compact designed, user friendly concept. Wide voltage circuit designed 1Ø100V to 240V. LCD display for operation status showing. PVDF pump casing. EPDM diaphragm head with Teflon® coated, ceramic and stainless steel ball valve.Built in thermostat for pump safety with water/dust proof equivalent to IP65 protection.

    Application : Dosing of Bathtub/pool sterilant (sodium hypochlorite, etc.), Dosing of Food related fungicide/coloring agents/additive etc, Chemical dosing of Cooling tower, Water treatment, Dosing of Paper and pulp chemicals, Slime control agent, Dosing of Livestock related medication, Dosing of Hydroponic culturing, Liquid fertilizing, Chemical dosing of plating.

  • Stroke length : 50 ~ 100 %
    Stroke speed : 1 – 300 spm
    Flow rate : Up to 200 ml/min
    Pressure : Up to 0.6 Mpa
    Power : Up to 22 W, 220V, 50 Hz
    Connection : Hose

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