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EUROVENT AXIAN FAN/พัดลมตามแนวแกน ยูโรเวนท์

EUROVENT AXIAN FAN/พัดลมตามแนวแกน ยูโรเวนท์

    - Product Type: Axial Tube Fan (Belt drive)
    - Pressure : Low Pressure
    - Special Constructions: Drum of pressed sheet steel with one flange (PL) or with double flange AM AL ALc) bored for anchorage to walls or between pipings, complete with plate for supporting the control motor. Die-casted rotor in light alloy (sparkproof) with blades with winged profile, dynamically balanced. Assembled overhung on the motor’s shaft. The inclination of the rotor’s blades is adjustable when the fan is stopped from the types 710 up to 1400. The direction of the air is from the motor to the rotor (clockwise direction seen from the motor). It is always possible to invert the airflow, i.e. from the rotor to the motor, by inverting the motor’s rotation, this is done by disassembling the rotor and reassembling it overturned

    - The Axial fans are suitable for sucking in smokes, as well as vitiated, dusty and wet air in the foundries, cement factories, paper factories and joinery works. For the aeration of local rooms, for drying paper, wool, pasta tiles in the application to radiators, unit heaters, cooling towers, etc. and generally where it is necessary to transport big volumes of air with low pressures. Minimum working temperature - 20 °C, Maximum + 300 °C. Air Volume: 80-1100 m3/min St. Pressure: 4-70 mmH2O Impeller Dia (mm): 400-1000

  • EUROVENT AXIAN FAN/พัดลมตามแนวแกน ยูโรเวนท์

    104 D/L

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