Solenoid Valve NG6, NG10, 4/2

Solenoid Valve NG6, NG10, 4/2

  • Solenoid operated directional control hydraulic valve

    Direct acting, subplate mounting directional control hydraulic valve, CETOP 03, with mounting surface according to ISO 4401 (CETOP RP121H) standards.

    The valve is supplied with 3 or 4 ways designs, with 2 or 3 positions with a wide range of interchangeable spools.

    The valve body is made with high strength iron castings provided with wide internal passages in order to minimize the flow pressure drop. Wet armature solenoids with interchangeable coils are used.

    The valve is available with DC or AC solenoids. DC solenoids can also be fed with AC power supply, by using connectors with a built-in rectifier bridge.

    The DC valve is also available in a soft-shifting version.

    Alternative to the standard manual override there are lever, push, boot and mechanical detent devices.

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