• Customers always consider three essential aspects of a product which are excellent quality, cheap price and fast delivery. However these three aspects are not simultaneously happen. We believe that all manufacturers want to achieve these aspects to meet the customer’s requirement and to gain their competitive advantages as well. But it always end up with “excellent quality with costly”, “cheap with long delivery time” or “fast delivery with flaws” and so on. In most cases the manufacturers have to choose their prominent aspects, and the customers have to choose which aspect suites to their need or situation. We also collect useful calculation data & tables and installation & maintenance documents because we realize that the reliability of machine come from every steps of work e.g., calculation, design, fabricate, assembly, installation, commissioning, fine tune and maintenance. We hope these technical & engineering information will useful, minimize downtime, saving your cost, and more safety. Let us help you to design and choose the right component for optimum budget with high reliability component.

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