• FAG SmartCheck is a vibration monitoring system for permanent frequency-selective monitoring. Other measurements
    can be captured, recorded and analysed using two integrated signals and up to three connected signals. After the
    analysis, the system can switch outputs and display the status using LEDs depending on user-defined alarm limits. Inputs are available, which record additional signals, to allow the device to be integrated into a superordinate system. These signals can be used as command variables for a dependent signal analysis, e.g. to initiate time or event-controlled
    measurement tasks. The FAG SmartCheck device can be used to cover a wide range of applications; the SmartCheck device can be configured
    to meet your own requirements using the integrated web application and FAG SmartWeb software. Multiple SmartCheck
    devices can be combined in a network. Regardless of the number of devices, they can be managed centrally on a PC
    using the FAG SmartUtility software. With FAG SmartCheck, Schaeffler offers status monitoring that is optimised to suit your requirements.

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