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AIR COMP AIRLINE/ชุดกรอง แอร์คอม

AIR COMP AIRLINE/ชุดกรอง แอร์คอม

  • COMPANY - Aircomp has been among the first manufacturers worldwide to use thermoplastic polymers on a large scale for realizing pneumatic components. The know-how we have gained in more than fifty years of activity has enabled the development of cutting-edge products and solutions in our sector. A leading role that has been maintained thanks to the constant research of new ideas and innovative technologies, which comes, first of all, from the passion and care we give in our daily work.


    SOLUTIONS - Aircomp takes advantage of the best expertise in conceiving innovative solutions, whose distinctive feature stands out through the right combination of quality, design and ergonomy. Professionists joining their know-how to their interest in new competence, who continuously bring new ideas, thus enhancing the corporate assets. Fulfilling with skill customers’ needs is the guiding principle of our company. The contribution of everyone results to be essential in turning a simple reply into a brilliant solution.


    Talking about solutions for the pneumatic automation sector becomes natural for Aircomp in this way.

    As natural as air.

  • AIR COMP AIRLINE/ชุดกรอง แอร์คอม

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