MARTIN JAW COUPLING/จอคัปปลิ้ง มาร์ติน

MARTIN JAW COUPLING/จอคัปปลิ้ง มาร์ติน

  • Features                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                -----* Vibration control by servo-driven mechanisms and excellent shock-absorption
    capacity upon start-up and shutdown.
    * Optimal combination of spider and hub enables non-backlash torque transmission in
    Martin’s easy to use Jaw-Flex Coupling.
    *  The spider is selectable from two types: the 98A with excellent vibration damping
    properties and the 64D with high
    torsional stiffness and excellent
    wear resistance.
    *  The simple structure consists of
    two hubs and one spider.
    Two hub options are available:

  • MARTIN JAW COUPLING/จอคัปปลิ้ง มาร์ติน

    91 D/L

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