BANDO/สายพานส่งกำลัง แบนโด

BANDO/สายพานส่งกำลัง แบนโด

  • Bando is a global leader in manufacturing world-class power transmission belts to both industrial OEMs’ as well as aftermarket distributors.                 Continuous improvements in materials, design and manufacturing methods make the Bando classical cross section belt the workhorse of the industry.

    Bias cut, rubber impregnated fabric cover provides superior flexibility and friction resistance. Oil and heat resistant.
    Ultra-high strength polyester cords assure fatigue resistance and length stability while providing the flexibility needed to attain long, trouble-free service.
    Specially compounded rubber body reduces heat build-up while giving firm support to the cords, maintaining uniform load distribution.
    Meets ARPM standards for oil and heat resistance and static conductivity.

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