CARLISLE/สายพานส่งกำลัง คาไรเซิล

CARLISLE/สายพานส่งกำลัง คาไรเซิล

  • Carlisle Blue Label®V-Belts are the ideal Power Transmission Products, Inc.
    choice for dependable and economical
    performance. Blue Label is now
    available in classical and metric
    sizes. A specially wrapped fabric
    cover is impregnated with oil and
    heat resistant rubber for longer
    service life. Blue Label resists flex
    fatigue, oil, heat, and environmental
    conditions. All Blue Label V-belts are
    matched under Carlisle’s
    Chek-mate® system and backed
    by Carlisle’s Iron Clad Guarantee.

  • CARLISLE/สายพานส่งกำลัง คาไรเซิล

    160 D/L

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