SIEMENS MOTOR/มอเตอร์ ซีเมนส์

SIEMENS MOTOR/มอเตอร์ ซีเมนส์

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    SIMOTICS GP 1LE0 efficient series motors are cast iron casing universal totally enclosed fan-cooled three-phase asynchronous motor, protection class IP55, 1LE0 motor designed and manufactured in line with ISO, IEC, GB and other related standards. Using 1LE0 motors, customers can save up to 10% more! 

    1LE0 motors are suitable for continuous duty (S1), frequency control applications within a constant speed or a certain speed range. Operating Environment

    • Protection class IP55 (IEC 60034-5);
    • height does not exceed an altitude of 1000 m (IEC 60034-1);
    • permissible ambient temperature -20 º C ~ 40 º C (IEC 60034-1);
    • the allowable relative humidity:
      -20 º C ≤ T ≤ 20 º C: 100%
      20 º C 30 º C

    All motors up to 460 V can be operated either directly on line or converter-fed-without the need for any additional measures. Both is possible as standard.
    On our SIMOTICS GP LE1LEO motors we have an additional sticker mentioning voltage deviation as standard. On our other product line, Deviations should be mentioned, please add option code B07.

    • Base Material: gray cast iron ;
    • Standard colors: stone gray (RAL 7030);
    • Rated power : 0.55kW ~ 315kW (50Hz)
    • 0.75kW and above 2,4,6 pole motors achieve GB18613-2012 standard energy efficiency rating of 3 , and can meet the IEC 60034-30 standard IE2 efficiency level (50Hz);
    • Optimized compact structure ;
    • standard installation structure type ( in line with IEC 60034-7 standard ): IM B3, IMB5, IM B35 , etc. ;
    • All motor design protection class IP55 (IEC 60034-5);
    • FS1) 280 ~ 355 standard relubrication device , FS1) 100 ~ 250 as an option ;
    • For FS 100 ~ 355 range motor , optional enhanced cantilever force design ;
    • Optional motor thermistor PTC or PT100 or KTY84-130 carried winding protection ;
    • standard position at the top of the junction box base, line the hole on the right side ( drive end ) , option terminal box position and line changes direction ;
    • Insulation System by 155 (F) temperature level design , and directly at the rated output power by 130 (B) use temperature rating ;
    • Motor standard cooling method for cooling from the fan (IEC 60034-6 requirements of IC 411), available separately driven fan forced cooling ;
    • FS 80 ~ 90 motors without bail ; FS 100 ~ 315 motor has two rings , FS 355 motor has an rings for transport.

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