NSK BEARING/ลูกปืน เอ็นเอสเค

NSK BEARING/ลูกปืน เอ็นเอสเค

  • NSK's close cooperation with many well-known manufacturers of machinery and plant equipment ensures we have a clear understanding of manufacturing processes in key industrial sectors.
    NSK Global Research & Development Centres
    NSK persues the same goal in all areas: Total Quality.
    By continually investing in our state-of-the-art regional R & D Centres, we ensure customers can respond to the challenges in their business environment.
    Bundled know-how
    14 research centres worldwide
    9 countries
    Approx. 2000 employees
    European Technology Centre (ETC)
    Kielce, Poland
    Newark, UK
    Ratingen, Germany
    5 key areas of activity

    Technical support for customers, distributors & manufacturing operations

    European Technology Centres (ETC) - Activities

    To support you, NSK has developed the following technical tools:

    Calculation Tools
    Technical Website
    Our Technical Website offers tools and information to help you identify the right product:

    Troubleshooting Guide: common bearing failure modes are described, allowing you to make an assessment of your own bearing's condition and provide feedback on cause and effect.
    The ABC of Bearings: covers all types and features of Rolling Bearings, proper selection procedures including selection of bearing type and arrangements.
    Bearing Specifications: download a technical specification sheet detailing the bearings main features with further options to the calculation or drawing services.
    Technical Journals - Motion & Control: information on both bearing performance and technical features, combined with application knowledge.

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