MARTIN FLEX COUPLING/เฟล็กซ์คัปปลิ้ง มาร์ติน

MARTIN FLEX COUPLING/เฟล็กซ์คัปปลิ้ง มาร์ติน

  • Martin flex couplings are highly torsionally flexible tyre couplings with progressive torsional deflection characteristic. The salient
    feature of the Martin flex couplings is that the coupling hubs are supplied with commercially available taper bushes for
    nominal torques of up to 11500 Nm. This allows easy and time saving mounting of the coupling hubs on the shafts. Special
    tools are not required.
    The torque transmission element of the coupling is a rubber tyre reinforced with fabric plies. This tyre transmits the
    torque without torsional backlash, it is wear-resistant and maintenance-free. The rubber tyre is slit, thus permitting easy
    radial installation with no need for axial movement of the coupled machines.
    Tyrex shaft couplings reduce torque surges substantially. In applications where torsional vibrations occur the stresses in the
    drive trains are minimized thanks to their high torsional flexibility.
    The use of a rubber tyre as the transmission element compensates to a large extent for axial, radial and angular shaft
    Features of the highly flexible Tyrex couplings
    - High torsional flexibility with progressive torsional deflection characteristic
    - High compensating capability for axial, radial and angular misalignments
    - Easy and time saving mounting of the coupling hubs thanks to the use of taper bushes
    - Radial change of the rubber element without axial movement of the coupled machines
    - Backlash-free torque transmission even in case of alternating directions of rotation
    - High torsional vibration and shock load damping capability
    - Noice level insulation
    - Wear-resistant and maintenance-free

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